Laura Eceiza

Maomao  Publications, Beverly, USA

Year 2011

Pages 600

Current fashion is a complex phenomenon. In a constant state of constant flux, contemporary fashion combines a mix of the different cultural aspects that inform the modern individual. Atlas of Fashion Designers is born out of this proposition, and features a compilation of the most important fashion designers and their work in the past five years, selected from a multi-disciplinary perspective that display the heterogeneous mix of today’s fashion world. Featured designers all have one trait in common: they were singled out, not only for the quality of their work, but also because they illustrate different perspectives in their approach to fashion. This book includes designers with a wide array of visions, from classical Haute couture to those who experiment with developing fields such as anthropology, new textiles, high technology, architecture, art, or recycling. The draws a map of the complex world of fashion at present time, and looks forward to what it may be tomorrow.



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