GREEK AND ROMAN TEXTILES AND DRESSES: An Interdisciplinary Anthology

M. Harlow & M. L. Nosch (editors)

Oxbow Books Bublishers, Oxford, UK

Year 2014

Pages 425

20 chapters in this book present the range of current research into the study of textiles and dress in classical antiquity. Issues addressed include: the importance of studying textiles to understand economy and landscape in the past; different types of embellishments of dress from weaving techniques to the late introduction of embroidery; the close links between the language of ancient mathematics and weaving; the relationships of iconography to the realities of clothed bodies including a paper on the ground breaking research on the polychromy of ancient statuary; dye recipes and methods of analysis; case studies of garments in Spanish, Viennese and Greek collections which discuss methods of analysis and conservation; analyses of textile tools from across the Mediterranean; discussions of trade and ethnicity to the workshop relations in Roman fulleries. Multiple aspects of the production of textiles and the social meaning of dress are included here.



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