Bonnie English

Berg, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc., London, UK

Year 2011

Pages 221

Since 1970, the work of the Japanese fashion designers has had an unequivocal impact on Western dress. The middle-ageing of the triumvirate of revolutionary Japanese design is as shocking as any of their more confrontational collections; to many of their modernist followers they still seem like box-fresh radical upstarts, while for the high street they have only recently come into existence through diffusion projects with the likes of H&M and Adidas. This book will provide an understanding of how Japanese thought, tradition and advanced textile technology became an intrinsic part of fashion design practice in the late 20th century. It will show how the Japanese designers influenced a whole generation of young, emerging Belgian designers, amongst others, and how this inter-cultural and inter-generational influence has infiltrated the soul of the international fashion industry.



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