Lucinda Ganderton

Dorling Kindersley, Ltd., London, UK

Year 2009

Pages 163

This book is an essential practical and inspirational guide to modern needlework to choosing and working with over 200 classic stitches. It contains: More than 200 decorative and practical stitches – fully illustrated and clearly explained. Packed with decorative and practical stitches for use in embroidery, needlepoint, dressmaking and other needlework. Each stitch features step-by-step instructions, annotated working photographs, advice on thread, needles and fabrics, plus a skill rating. Includes a stunning photographic gallery, showing samples of finished stitches in close-up for instant comparison and selection – perfect for quick reference. Covers every stage of producing a piece of stitch work, from the equipment and materials required to make the perfect stitch. This publication is invaluable for beginners, and full of ideas for the accomplished stitcher.



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